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It is the process by which all microorganisms are eliminated,
Such as fungi, bacteria and viruses, including spores
Microbial material to be sterilized.

Sterilization can be used in many different fields
Industry and medical and surgical fields that are of the most important
Areas that require sterilization, such as gloves and surgical instruments
Which is used in direct contact with blood stream and tissues
Sterile body.

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Basics of sterilization
1 - A thorough cleaning of the medical equipment, which removes any remaining organic materials on the desired instruments
Its sterilizers can protect microorganisms during the sterilization process. . If the elements
Not clean and clear, exposure time is not enough to sterilize the tools.

2 - Sterilizers must be in contact with all surfaces to be sterilized. This means that
Tools should be dismantled according to manufacturers' instructions so that all surfaces are exposed to
Other variables that affect sterilization include the following:
 Dry equipment to be sterilized
 Temperature and humidity in the treated area
 Tools are properly prepared and loaded into the sterilizer
 Sterile condition
 Use the correct sterilization method and cycle

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Thermal sterilization methods
Sterilization by saturated steam with high pressure using
Steam sterilization and high pressure are an effective method of sterilization and is the preferred method
To sterilize the tools and materials used in health care facilities. When it is sterilized
Tools and equipment By high pressure steam sterilization, it is essential that
Steam reaches all surfaces.

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 Steam sterilization is an effective sterilizer for two reasons:
First, saturated steam is an effective convector of thermal energy.
 It is many times more effective in transporting this species
 Energy from hot dry air

 Second, steam is an effective sterilizer for the protective outer layer of microorganisms
It is weakened by steam, which allows clotting of sensitive internal parts of the organisms
Delicate live

Steam sterilization conditions
Adequate contact, sufficiently high temperature, correct time and moisture
  In order to destroy all microbes, the vapor must be able to come into contact with all
  Surfaces. Steam can only sterilize the surfaces it touches.

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Standard conditions for steam sterilization
  The temperature should be 121 ° C (250 ° F), and it should
The pressure is 106 kPa (in2 / 15lbs) for a period of 20 minutes for tools or other materials
Coated and 30 minutes coated in sterilizer displacement gravity.
  Or at a temperature above 132 ° C (270 ° F)
In a previlizer sterilizer, the pressure should be in2 / 30lbs and for 15 minutes
Table 1).
  Allow all tools to dry before removing them from the sterilizer

Advantages of steam sterilization
1. Most commonly, it is an effective method of sterilization.
2. The sterilization cycle time is shorter than dry heat or
  Chemical sterilizers.

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